Why Ballroom Dancing?

Step in Time Ballroom Dancing invites you to join us for a great time of dance and social fun.

  • GUYS – would you rather hold a lovely lady in your arms, or pack down in a football scrum?
  • GALS – would you rather glide across the floor with the man of your dreams, or play netball with the girls?


Well you do not have to choose – you can do both as dancing can be done at any time in all weather – and is a great way to keep fit, too.

Some say that dancing is not for real men, but what real man would not like to have a woman in his arms as he stands tall and proud.

The real fun of dancing with a partner is being discovered by guys and girls of all ages. Let your hair down and learn to dance. Here are some benefits:

It has been proved in a university study that ballroom dancers are fitter than marathon runners.

Another study proved that you have 70% less chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease if you participate in ballroom dancing frequently.

It is great exercise because you use all the muscles in your body. Even if you swim every day, you need to walk to achieve the weight-bearing exercise necessary for healthy bones. Dancing does wonders for your deportment.

You’ve watched Dancing with the Stars, and you may think that you could never dance like that, but social dance steps are easier! You can learn the basic steps to help you get started in your new fun activity at a beginners’ class. This will teach you to move around the floor without running into other dancers.

Ballroom dancing has four “styles”:

  • Modern – which includes Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Waltz
  • Latin – Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble
  • New Vogue – sequence dances (Australian origin)
  • Old Time – sequence dances (English origin)

Sequence dances are very popular, as everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, so you can get up and dance with a different partner and not worry too much about leading while you are learning.

You can choose to dance according to your fitness level. As your stamina improves you will do more of the faster dances and take longer strides. The music has different speeds and moods – such as the romantic Rumba, the cheeky Cha Cha, the elegant Waltz, the lively Quickstep, the frenetic jive and the smooth Foxtrot.